Design Centre

Full Service Consultation

In a full service consultation Sarah Jane is there for you every step of the way, from choosing paint colors and wallpapers to purchasing furnishings & materials and of course overseeing the entire project to ensure a smooth transition.

We will assess your current interior and discuss what changes and additions you have been considering. We talk with you (and your child if appropriate) about the activities & mood you want for the room so that we can create the environment that best suits your lifestyle. It is recommended that room budgets are discussed at the initial consultation stage. An estimate of time required to complete the project can be estimated upon request.

Based on a combination of what we have learned from you and our own creativity, we will present our decoration concept on a mood board detailing products, colors, fabrics and overall look and feel. At this point the design is tweaked and approved into a nal decoration plan.

A rate of £75.00 per hour will be charged for all time spent on your project including initial consultations, researching, emailing, phone conversations, liaising with suppliers and room set up (note: time spent totaling less than 1 hour will be charged on a pro-rata basis). Travel time to and from appointments is also charged at this rate. Invoices (for both product and time spent) will be provided periodically through the project as discussed and agreed. Payment can be made via direct debit or cheque. Invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt.

Hourly Consultation

An hourly consultation allows you to have access to “pick our brain” without having to engage Sarah Jane for a full consult. You can ask us as many questions as you like and we will help give you general guidance and ideas for your space and suggestions. This can include anything from furniture layout, recommendations for paint colours and general furnishing and accessory selections. An hourly rate of £75.00 per hour is charged for these consults. Consults can be provided over e-mail, phone or at your home.

Baby Room Registry

A room registry service allows family and friends to choose items o a pre-organised list to contribute to the baby nursery. Sarah Jane will meet with the expectant Mum a few months before and talk about a girls and a boys option and present mood boards for both options (or if the sex is already known only one mood board is required!). Once the baby is born people contact Little Liberty and are sent the Baby Registry list along with the mood board so that they have a feel for what they are contributing to in the big picture. Sarah Jane can either deliver the items to the house or make a time for installation of all items. An hourly rate of £75.00per hour is charged for this service.


E-decorating is a service provided for clients who live outside of the UK who would like assistance in designing and decorating their child’s room or other spaces in their home. We will communicate with you via phone, email or skype

Depending on the engagement we will provide you with a full decoration concept and arrange for products to be shipped direct to you. If appropriate we will provide you with details of where to purchase the recommended products within your own country. An hourly rate of £75.00 per hour is charged for these consults.