Here at Bambizi, we have a lot of passion for what we do. Combining traditional British craftsmanship with the best that modern design has to offer is something we pride ourselves on, but you probably already knew that.

If you’ve never used Bambizi before, you might need some more convincing before you place an order with us. With that in mind, we’ve decided to break down some of the reasons why you should be using Bambizi for your nursery furniture and what sets us apart from the rest.

A Brief History.

Firstly, let us introduce ourselves. We are Bambizi, and we have a passion for creating luxury bespoke furniture for nurseries.

Bambizi was founded by our leader Sarah-Jane Matthews after she had wanted to create the perfect nursery for her daughter. After being unhappy with everything that is currently available on the market, she took matters into her own hands and used her experience as an interior designer to create what would become Bambizi.

The aim was to produce a high quality piece of furniture that was beautiful, practical and safe, and would be built to last for a very long time. Thanks to a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, as well as expertise from old-school craftsman David Evans, the first Bambizi product was put into production and the rest is history.

Since then, we have continued to expand our range of products and we can now offer a wide variety, including cots, bunk beds, dressers and rocking chairs as well as accessories like rugs, night lights and wall stickers. Bambizi holds all of the tools for creating your dream nursery.

Quality Craftsmanship

When you buy a piece of bespoke nursery furniture from Bambizi, you can trust that you are buying more than a piece of furniture.

Every single order is made and carried out by highly skilled, quality craftsmen using traditional British woodworking techniques. The use of these traditional techniques ensures a high level of quality, with each piece being unique in its own way.

With so many furniture companies using machinery and factories to mass produce their products, we pride ourselves on creating these bespoke pieces in the UK.

Our furniture is made with total uniqueness and luxury in mind, and you can both see and feel the difference between our products and the average high street products. In an industry that is dominated by big corporations with uninspired designs, isn’t it nice to have something that has been made with passion by a real person?

Safety First

Safety is a big concern for any parent, and rightly so. With the majority of young children spending a lot of time in cots and beds, parents need to be able to trust that their child is in safe hands.

Luckily for you, safety is truly intertwined into the design process of Bambizi products, with small details taken in consideration such as non-slip pads on our changing trays to prevent them from moving and softly rounded corners to eliminate any risk of injury to children.

All of our bespoke furniture is thoroughly tested to ensure this high level of safety that we guarantee, and complies with all of the relevant British and EU standards. The testing process is not easy, so passing it with flying colours only backs up how secure our products really are.

We are dedicated to making both you and your child feel completely at ease, and we can proudly say that our furniture is among some of the safest in the world.

Bespoke Design

As we’ve previously stated, every piece of Bambizi furniture is made by skilled craftsman instead of factory machines, so this means there is always room to adjust and customise the furniture to your specifics.

Every person’s tastes are different, and we understand that. With that in mind, we are more than happy to customise our products to your specific needs, creating the perfect piece of furniture for your child’s nursery.

With each item being made specifically to order, there is a lot of leg room in the way of design, so creating a product that is specifically custom designed for you is now a possibility.

We offer a wide variety of different timber and paint finishes as well, and can even match the existing timber or paint in your home. If you’ve got a clear vision in mind, we’re sure that we can make it a reality.

Working Together

Being experts in the field, you can trust that we know how to assemble the perfect nursery.

Having been in the business for a number of years now, we can use this experience to help guide and work with you on putting together the nursery of your dreams.

We offer a full service consultation, allowing us to be with you every step of the way. With this service, Sarah-Jane can meet with you and assess your current interior situation, and take in any ideas or preferences you have.

She can then take all of the information she has learned about you and combine it with her own creativity to design something that you’ll be proud of.

Dedicated To Happiness

Ultimately, we always put our customers first. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Our furniture is built to last, and should you come across any significantly defective item or part of an item is faulty, then we will happily replace it free of charge (within the guarantee).

We believe that our furniture will stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation, so all of our ready-made soft goods are guaranteed for 1 year and every piece of made-to-order furniture is guaranteed for 6 years.

From design to delivery, we want to make sure that your experience with Bambizi is a smooth and pleasant process, and one you won’t be forgetting any time soon. We are always available available to answer any questions or go through any ideas you may have.

Awards & Recommendations

Bambizi has been widely recognised as one of the premier designers of bespoke nursery furniture in the UK, and have won/been nominated for multiple awards over the years.

We were the winners of the Best Interiors Collection awards at the Junior Design Awards in both 2011 and 2014, and we were shortlisted for Best Cot and Best Nursery Bedding by Loved By Parents.

We have also had our fair share of celebrity endorsements, with the likes of Danielle Lloyd, Amy Childs, Jacqueline Osborne and Francine Lewis all enlisting the help of Bambizi to kit our their nurseries.

With that kind of praise, Bambizi seems like the only logical choice when it comes to luxury nursery furniture.