Here at Bambizi we believe that the nursery shouldn’t just be about the baby but that it should also be about you; the parents. Having a baby can be one of the most exhilarating and happiest of times but also be one of the most exhausting and challenging times.
Bambizi came into being as the result of my wish to create the perfect nursery for my baby daughter. Before she was born, I’d worked as an interior designer and had fallen in love with the nursery furniture I’d seen at furniture shows around the world. Once it came to furnishing my own nursery, however, it was soon clear that I’d only be able to create my dream nursery by designing it myself.

At first I just wanted to create my own special space. But then I started to think: surely there were other expectant mothers out there who felt the same as me — mothers who wanted high quality nursery furniture that was well made, safe, and looked beautiful? In the few spare moments during my daughter’s first year, I designed a range of cots, dressers, changing stations and armoires. I ended up with hundreds of drawings, and then chose my favourites — and Bambizi was born.