Christmas is nearly here and we are sure that the little ones are getting very excited about the big day. While you undoubtedly have your Christmas decorations up and the tree in place, but what else can you do to help entertain the kids in the run up to Christmas? These fun ideas should help to keep you and the kids occupied.


Carolling is a beautiful, almost orchestral form of singing that helps to spread cheer and joy to everybody who hears it. Singing Christmas carols is also a fantastic way of getting some more shy children to come out of their shells and join in on all of the fun with everyone else.

Singing is something simple that literally anybody can join in with so no matter who you are, whether you are good at singing or not, carolling is something that includes everyone!

Make Some Mince Pies

The classic Christmas treat! We all love mice pies around Christmas time, while it is very easy to go and get a big box of them from the shop, it’s a lot more fun to make them yourself!

Get the kids involved by going ahead and buying all of the ingredients to do it yourself and get an easy to follow recipe from the internet, and get cracking! You can get the kids to do all of the simpler (less messy) elements of the cooking procedure and then anything on the more dangerous side can be left to grown-ups.

This is not only super fun but also very engaging for the younger ones.

Create Your Own Nursery Christmas Tree

When one Christmas Tree just isn’t enough…

Kids love the concept of the Christmas Tree, so why not allow them to have their own Christmas Tree in their own nursery. This is a great idea as the tree can not only be a nice decorative piece, but can also serve almost as a nightlight in case your kids are restless sleepers.

What’s more is that you can recruit the kids’s help in order to decorate this new tree. Given that it will be placed in the nursery, why not let them customise it how they want. They can cut out and shapes and stick them on the tree, they can place affectionate items such as their favourite toy at the top in the form of the angel, whatever they like can be transferred onto their very own Christmas Tree.

Fill In The Christmas Cards

Sitting down and writing out the Christmas Cards for all of your family and friends can be a boring and repetitive job, so you should get some help.

Getting the children’s help with this job can actually turn this otherwise monotonous job into something actually quite fun and involving. It can be a task that helps the kids to get creative by allowing them to customise the cards, draw on the inside of them, put there own messages or if you’re really going for the creative flair, make your cards completely from scratch!

If a loved one receives a card from the kids, it adds a sentimental element to it, almost makes it feel more special.

Customised Christmas Crackers

Continuing on with the creative flare concept, this idea can be something to really get the creative energy flowing through you and your children.

The best part is that these Christmas Crackers are really simple to make as you can use simple household items such as kitchen roll tubes, toilet rolls and any other home found DIY items to help create some fantastic looking Christmas Crackers.

If you and your kids have some funny bones inside of you, you can put your heads together to come up with some truly hilarious jokes to let your family read out on the big day.

Make Some Masks

While Halloween was a couple of months ago, there is still a place for masks in the holiday season.

You can make some fantastic masks from Papier-mâché or from hard plastic depending on what you have available, or whatever suits your style. Safe to say that with these Christmas themed masks, you will be the best dressed at any Christmas parties that you go to, making this an essential task to put on your Christmas to do list.

It’s fun but also something that can get the kids to help out and get their hands dirty, which they always love.

Operation Christmas Child

You may not have heard of OCC but it is a fantastic cause to help share the Christmas cheer across the world.

Operation Christmas Child is a charity that encourages children to give presents to those who may not otherwise receive any presents for Christmas.

The deal is that you get an old, empty shoe box and you can decorate it if you like, encourage the kids to get some paint, glue and other things to help spruce up the box to make it feel more special.

Next, fill it with items that you feel a young child might enjoy. You can use old clothes, old toys, pens, pencils, books, anything that you would usually buy for your own child can be applied for OCC. Just be careful not to put anything sharp or pointy in the box as it can be a hazard.

Finally, you take it to your local OCC centre and they will send them away to the more less fortunate countries of the world. This can make you feel better to know that you have done something great and given something to someone you don’t even know this Christmas, you have given them a Christmas.

Also it can be very good at teaching your young children about charity work and how helping others less fortunate than ourselves is incredibly important and Operation Christmas Child is a functional way to enforce that message.

As you can see, Christmas is best spent having fun and being creative with your loved ones and especially your kids. So if you were looking to fill up your schedule with some fun things to do, then hopefully this blog article has inspired you to embrace your creative side.