In the early years, most young children will spend a lot of time in their nursery. Sleeping, playing and even changing will all happen in this room, so its important to create an environment that is enjoyable for anyone to be in.

As a parent, the design and creation of the nursery falls into your hands. To give you some help, we’ve decided to use our knowledge and experience on how to create the perfect nursery for your kids.

Choose A Theme.

One of the first steps you’ll need to take when planning out a nursery is to decide on an overall theme that will run throughout the room.

The theme will generally set the tone of the room, and will give you a clear direction when building and assembling the rest of the nursery. As far as choosing a theme, the choice is completely up to you so why not get creative with it?

Some people like to go for a modern looking nursery, opting for a more minimalist space without much going on. This is a very popular option for many homeowners, and creates a room that doesn’t look too out of place with the rest of the house.

On the other side, some people like to go wild and choose themes such as jungles or winter wonderland, filled with animal prints or snow patterns. When it comes to choosing a theme, there are no rules so let your imagination run wild.

The idea of a “boy’s room” or a “girl’s room” is becoming less popular in this age, but it is still an option if you wanted to go for a classic look. Either way, it’s important to model the room in a style that you’re going to love.

You’re likely going to be spending a lot of time in this room, so make sure that you love the look of it.

Find The Right Colours.

Once you’ve decided on an overall theme for the room, you’ll need to break out the colour samples.

Finding the right colours for the room you’re designing shouldn’t be too hard, with the theme playing a role in the shades you choose. For example, if you were to go for an animal jungle theme, you can expect to fill the room with lots of greens, browns and yellows.

If you were going for an icy wonderland, lots of blues and white will go nicely.

We have found that neutral colours that are easy on the eyes fit really nice in modern nurseries, with lots of whites and pale colours to create a relaxed vibe.

Decorate The Ceiling.

Considering your child is going to spend most of their time staring up at the ceiling, wouldn’t it make sense to decorate it?

Decorating the ceiling is a fun idea that not a lot of people tend to think about when putting together a nursery, and can provide a great distraction for kids trying to settle down. This is definitely optional, but a great idea nonetheless.

As far as ceiling designs go, this is the chance to let your imagination go wild. Fill the empty space with a beautiful painting of a clear blue sky, or a stretching landscape of stars in the galaxy. Create a view that your child won’t stop staring at.

If you’re not feeling grand enough to have your ceiling painted, adding wall decals can be a simple and fun way of spicing things up. You can find wall decals with lots of different designs, and you can link them up with whatever theme you’ve decided to go for.

Storage Is Essential.

Any parent will be able to tell you that children and lots of mess come as a package deal, so creating some storage space in your nursery is a definite must.

With an entirely new pile of clothes, changing accessories and more toys than you can shake a stick at making their way into your home, you’re going to need somewhere to put it all. Having a variety of different storage options will not only help you keep things off the ground, but will also help to make the room not look as cluttered.

Wardrobes, chest of drawers and storage cubs are all fantastic options as far as storage goes, being able to house everything easily in a neat and tidy fashion. Putting up a couple of shelves can also be a fun way of displaying ornaments whilst keeping them out of reach from kids.

Baby-Proof The Room.

Trying to prevent your child from hurting themselves can sometimes feel like a balancing plate act, so reduce the risk of stress by baby-proofing the room in advance.

You’d probably be surprised by the amount of different ways that kids can potentially injury themselves, even in the confines of a nursery. The likes of electrical cables, rugs and drawers can all pose a potential threat, with the risk of tripping and falling being something that we’d all like to avoid.

In order to provide your kids with the best protection, we recommend taping down any cables or rugs, and investing in some foam corners that you can place on items of furniture.

Here at Bambizi, we know that safety is a concern for any parent so all of our furniture is designed with softly rounded corners and edges to conform to British Standards.

Invest In Quality Furniture.

Lastly, we recommend investing in pieces of high quality, safe furniture to kit your nursery out with.

Furniture is going to take up the majority of the room, and the likes of cots and changing stations are essential pieces for any nursery. You need to be able to trust the quality and safety of the cot that your child is going to sleep in, so opting for a cheaper option is never a good idea.

While you may have secured a good deal, is it really worth it to potentially risk your child’s safety?

This room is potentially going to be your child’s room until they decide leave home, so investing in quality furniture like wardrobes and drawers ensures that you are going to get a lot of years out of them.

By investing in high quality furniture, you can trust that it is going to keep your child safe and stand the test of time, with no chance of injury. Cots and cradles are often kept to be based on and used again in the family, so finding the perfect one will ensure it’s longevity.

Here at Bambizi, we offer a wide variety of fantastic nursery furniture such as cots, armoires and changing stations.

Every single piece of furniture that we offer is made to order by skilled craftsman with both design and functionality in mind. We have designed all of our furniture to meet safety standards without comprising the beautiful design, and we take pride in offering the best of both worlds.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help to transform your nursery into something special, feel free to get in touch today.