• Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Christmas

    Christmas is nearly here and we are sure that the little ones are getting very excited about the big day. While you undoubtedly have your Christmas decorations up and the tree in place, but what else can you do to help entertain the kids in the run up to Christmas? These fun ideas should help to keep you and the kids occupied.

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  • How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

    We are now in the month of December and we all know what that means, the holidays are coming. As a way of celebrating the festive season, many of us like to decorate the exterior of our houses with a plethora of rope lights and signs to stand out in the street.


    While the exterior is all well and good, it is important to spice up your interior too, and we’re not just talking about your Christmas Tree.

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  • How To Help Restless Kids Sleep At Night

    We all know that getting your little ones to sleep at night can be a truly stressful process. All you want to do is get a peaceful night’s sleep with no interruptions but that never goes to plan, but what about if it could?


    Pour yourself a cuppa and read through our guide on how to help your restless kids sleep.


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  • Why You Should Be Choosing Wooden Furniture For Your Nursery

    When your little one is on the way, it becomes a priority for you to get your nursery sorted out before they officially arrive. So what should you use in order to create the perfect, idyllic landscape for your baby’s nursery? Well wooden furniture is a great place to start!


    Wooden Furniture has become a staple of nursery’s around the world. It is widely recognised as a conventional but effective material that could be used to instantly spice up any room. While it is incredibly common, there is no denying with how effective wood can be. Still not convinced? Allow us to explore why you should be using wood furniture for your nursery.


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  • Creating The Perfect Nursery

    In the early years, most young children will spend a lot of time in their nursery. Sleeping, playing and even changing will all happen in this room, so its important to create an environment that is enjoyable for anyone to be in.

    As a parent, the design and creation of the nursery falls into your hands. To give you some help, we’ve decided to use our knowledge and experience on how to create the perfect nursery for your kids.


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  • Why Should You Use Bambizi?

    Here at Bambizi, we have a lot of passion for what we do. Combining traditional British craftsmanship with the best that modern design has to offer is something we pride ourselves on, but you probably already knew that.

    If you’ve never used Bambizi before, you might need some more convincing before you place an order with us. With that in mind, we’ve decided to break down some of the reasons why you should be using Bambizi for your nursery furniture and what sets us apart from the rest.


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  • Is your cot safe?

    You would expect all cots to be safe wouldn’t you? Yet they are responsible for a staggering number of injuries to children in their first year of life. Surprisingly, it is not currently a legal requirement for manufacturers to test their nursery furniture to any safety standard - which makes it difficult to know how safe your cot really is. However, you’ll all sleep more easily if you follow our top ten tips when buying a cot.


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  • Top 5 Trends - for your nursery this 2016

    Spring is upon us and now is the perfect time to spruce up your home and get your nursery just right in preparation for the new arrival. So if you’re looking for some design inspiration then look no further as here are our top 5 trends for this year….

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  • New Nursery Night Lights

    With all kinds of imaginary monsters lurking about, night time can get pretty scary for little ones. Here at Bambizi we've designed a range of beautiful night lights that can ward off spooky shadows and light the way for stumbling parents in the twilight hours too.

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  • Personalised Wall Stickers

    Adding your child's name to their room can really personalise the space. I've recently designed a range of custom wall stickers to add that special touch to your child's room. They would work well on their own or would look brilliant in addition to my large sticker sets.

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